My Hubby, Bagging & Biking

The price of gas has been a huge topic of conversation lately in our household. Unfortunately, here in Minnesota we’ve been suffering through the highest prices in the nation for the past month.  Paying more than $4 per gallon has motivated us (and I’m sure many others) to come up with ways to drive fewer miles with more fuel-efficient vehicles.


Luckily it’s also finally spring, which means my husband, Marty, can now ride his motorcycle most of the time. The bike, while fun and sporty, gets about 45 miles per gallon, which is about twice as fuel efficient as either of our cars. The downside? No place to put stuff!



My husband does not travel lightly! Wherever he goes he is usually trailing lots of stuff – e-reader, tablet, notebook, wallet, phone, lists, coupons – and that’s just for starters.  What’s a guy to do?



It’s Nature Bag™ to the rescue! Extremely lightweight (2 ounces), stretchy and scrunch-able, they’re perfect for toting things on the road.  Although it looks fragile, it is in fact very durable, promising years of use.  It’s also plenty manly for MotorcyleMarty to don with his biking gear.


And, unlike the plastic and canvas bags sold and given away by many stores, it’s good for the planet. That’s because Nature Bags are crafted from a wild-growing JungleVine™ fiber (tropical kudzu, related to kudzu found in Marty’s home state of Arkansas), which purifies the air as it grows, removing carbon and producing oxygen.


And here’s another thing to love about Nature Bags™.  The Earth’s Greenest Bag is made by members of the Khmu tribe, the indigenous ethnic group of northern Laos, which has used the bag for thousands of years. They hand-gather the vine and craft the bags in their villages, so no commuting or manufacturing is required. This venture is supported by the Laotian government as an anti-poverty measure that strengthens traditional village life.


Nature Bags are reasonably priced from $15 to $35.  You can buy online, or, Iowa friends, there are several places in the Des Moines area to get your hands on them – Green Goods for the Home and Wander this World in the East Village and Zumi at 42nd & University, Des Moines.  For a complete list of retailers and more info on the bags, visit the website at

I’ve made sure hubby has several for travelin’ down the highway.




























Earnest Earth Mother™ is the mother of three adult children, one adult stepson and three granddogs. She is a senior leader for a national health nonprofit and lives in the Twin Cities.



 Nature Bag™ - Earth's Greenest Bag™ Reusable Bags


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