Summer fun requires reusable bags - And I've got one!

Wow, after a slow and late start summer is finally off and running!

If you’re anything like us, you’re deep into summer fun. Over the past few weeks we’ve taken several motorcycle day trips, gone to the beach and the water park, taken a few bicycle rides, attended a community festival, played tennis and gone fishing. After a long, cold winter we are really enjoying our time outdoors.

What do all these activities have in common other than being outside? We used our Earth’s Greenest Bag™ (Nature Bag) for all of them!

In the past I was always fussing over what to carry things in. Was it big enough? Could I carry it easily over my shoulder? Was it too bulky or heavy? Would it look good? I love that our Nature Bag is so adaptable I no longer need to worry or fuss. For some trips the bag was more stuffed than others, but we managed to fit everything we needed in the one bag, which is pretty amazing.

Nature Bag Earth's Greenest Bag for Swimming!
We just left our sunscreen and bug spray in the bag, then added other items as needed like … billfold, bottled water, granola bars, sunglasses, coupons, newspaper, beach towels, T-shirts, phones, charger, racquets and balls. Now we never had all those things in at once, but most.

The beauty of the Earth’s Greenest Bag™ is that it is not only super strong, but stretchy and very lightweight (less than 2 oz.). You can carry it with you and almost forget you have it, but when you need it you can stuff it full. Even wet beach towels didn’t faze it. Although it looks fragile, it is in fact very durable, promising years of break-proof, versatile use.

There are other reasons besides extreme practicality to love Nature Bags. They involve no manufacturing or agriculture. That’s because they’re made from a wild-growing vine fiber (tropical kudzu), which purifies the air as it grows, removing carbon and producing oxygen.

The Earth’s Greenest Bag™ is made by members of the Khmu tribe, the indigenous ethnic group of northern Laos, which has used the bag for thousands of years. They hand-gather the vine and produce the bags in their villages, so no commuting or manufacturing is required. This venture is supported by the Laotian government as an anti-poverty measure that strengthens traditional village life. So you can feel good about where it comes from.

For a complete list of retailers and more info on the bags, visit the website at

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