Enviromentally Friendly Hosting

You might be thinking what the heck in the entire world is green web hosting?  Is there going to be a green label on my site?  Is a green banner going to be available?  No, green web hosting is just like any green product is good for the environment. The thought might be bouncing around how is green web hosting is good for the environment. 

With web hosting there is a massive amount of energy costs that one must look into when discussing and talking about web hosting.  Every server needs a large amount of energy to stay up.  The energy costs are higher because these servers have to stay cool since they are never turned off.  For them to do this a large amount of energy is needed.  The larger companies can have 1,000’s of computers in one spot.  This means that the electrical bills aren’t going down soon. 
When we start discussing green web hosting we are talking about how they get their energy.  There is an creasing amount of web hosting companies that are moving to green energy sources.  With earth friendly energy sources I am referring to solar, wind and other natural sources of energy.  Companies can this energy by their own equipment or purchasing energy from different greens sources.

The benefit of green web hosting is the benefit on the environment.  None of the technical issues will change with your website.  Going green in your web hosting is up to each individual.  You also will not see any negative side effects to your web site with green web hosting.  Also you might think that it is more expensive with green web hosting.  Using green hosting will not affect the bottom line as their prices are usually around the same as other hosting options.

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