Career Opportunities In The Energy Services Business

With the entire world moving towards a more green environment, investments in clean energy technologies will generate economic growth and create new energy jobs in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Recognizing the potential size of these markets, China and certain European nations in particular are moving swiftly to cultivate their own clean energy industries and are poised to gain large market shares in the decades ahead.

In 2009, China alone invested substantially more money in clean energy technology than North America. 90% of today’s market for new clean energy technologies is outside of the United States, primarily in Asia and Europe.

Europe led the world in clean energy investments in 2008, spending nearly £40 billion, and the Chinese government has announced a ten-year, £400 billion clean energy technology investment program.

China now boasts the world’s largest solar panel manufacturing industry – which exports about 95 percent of its production to countries including the United States.

Denmark’s share of the global wind turbine market is disproportionate to its domestic market and the size of the countries economy; Danish wind manufacturers produce close to 40 percent of annual global installed wind capacity.

Germany’s renewable energy policies have made it a leader in clean energy manufacturing; German companies could capture 15-20 percent of several global clean energy markets and realize at least $18-$30 billion a year in revenues by 2020. These countries have taken deliberate steps to position themselves as leaders in the 21st century clean energy economy. History demonstrates that if an industry gains an initial foothold in a particular region, that region is much more likely to become a major center of growth for the industry -meaning that in some cases it really matters where industries are first established.

Many people who take jobs in the alternative energies research and development sector have to, at least to begin with, take relatively low pay. Taking a job in this industry is thus not about-or, not predominantly about-making money, although that is needless to say important, as one who is not well-fed soon becomes one who is not productive at work, especially when we are considering the brain-work involved in the work of researching and developing technologies in the alternative energies sector. There are people who take a job just because they find it is a fulfilling task that they have undertaken-something that is going to help mankind, or their society, or the Earth herself. But in truth, what most people dream of in terms of work is a position that they really enjoy whilst receiving good money for their time and energy.

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