Recycling: Fast Facts

When it comes torecycling doing a little can help a lot. As limited resources become more limited, and as the impact of waste places a bigger burden on theenvironment, the time for action is now. While the actions of one may not be enough to correct all the problems the world faces, the role of the individual should not be underrated in the journey towards a cleaner, more efficient, future.

Did you know?

One recycled tin could offset the environmental impact of 3 hours of watching television. On a daily basis, if you watch 3 hours of TV per day, you could simply recycle any tins that you consume during the day and sit back watching the TV safe in the knowledge that your not contributing negatively to theenvironment.

Recycled Paper uses 70% less energy to produce. The next time you pick up paper, why not consider opting for a recycled sheet? If your a business you may find that your customers may treat this as a positive signal – if you care for the environment then your more likely to care for them as a customer. 

16% of energy consumption in manufacture goes into the packaging. Maybe you don't judge a book by its cover, or the products your want to buy based on the packaging, but you may be surprised to find that the investment businesses make in packaging comes at a price – to the environment. 

9 out of 10 people think recycling is too hard. If recycling was made easier then 9 out of 10 people would be more likely to do it. If your an employer then why not consider providing your employees with the tools they need to makerecycling possible and effortless? Even if you don't own a business what's stopping you from going out and helping your neighbours to recycle.

Teach A Man How to Fish...

If your recycling then your doing your bit and ensuring that your contribution towards the environment is a positive one. In short your an asset to theenvironment and your input will be appreciated by your grandchildren in years to come. However, imagine how much more impact you could have if you managed to get others to do the same as you.

That's right, rather than just doing your bit why not get others to follow suit? You could get your family and friends to do the same thing, and then get them to get their friends to recycle and so on. In doing so the impact of your actions could multiply exponentially. 

If you ensure that you do your bit, and do your best to get others on board then the problem of environment change could well be one that has less ramifications than it looks like it might if things continue as they are now. Make sure that you can say you've done your bit, and that you get as much people as you can on board.

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