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Selecting a gift for a friend or loved one is something most people enjoy doing.

For others it’s a real hassle and brings pleasure to the giver only when the shopping has been done and the recipient shows surprise, joy or gratitude.

A Nature Bag is a wonderful choice by either type of giver!

One of our ecofriendly bags is something that nearly everyone can use because it is so versatile and useful in many different ways. Since it is a relatively unknown item, receiving one surely will be a surprise. Because it is a gift that is powerful on so many different levels, it is certain to bring joy and gratitude.

The explanation card included with each bag sets the stage for pleasure by your gift:

  • It is the product of an ancient craft that is perfect for use in the earth’s modern fragile environment.

  • Our sustainable bag is made of JungleVine™ fiber from a natural plant that needs no agriculture, no irrigation, no fertilizer, no pesticides, no cultivation, and no petroleum-based energy for harvesting. The only thing it takes from the environment is harmful carbon, which it uses to produce life-supporting oxygen.

  • It is made at home by hand by the poorest people in Asia, allowing families to maintain traditionally-rich lifestyles, permitting positive child nurturing and requiring no commuting, which is among the most costly practices of 21st century humankind in terms of the time and petroleum it consumes. This while providing cash income for taking advantage of the technology, medicine, nutrition and educational opportunities that are beneficial aspects of modern life.

  • The organic bag is a superior product that will last many years for some, a lifetime for others. It does its job well, seemingly always having room for additional cargo because it stretches to expand and holds its contents in place without the need for fasteners or closures.

  • It is beautiful to look at! The care and craftsmanship that went into its creation is obvious both from the intricate series of knots that are the key to its amazing characteristics and from the knowledge that each strand of JungleVine™ cord is formed by the hand/leg twisting of many pieces of thin strong fiber.

Be sure to include Nature Bag in your holiday gift-giving this year!

And the best holiday wishes from our team of Khmu bag makers and dedicated volunteers worldwide!

Bounsou Keoamphone

Bill Newbrough

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