The Challenge to make our environment a safe place

The Mauritian wild club, in the context of the world Environment Day think tank activities, is proposing this paper. The university of Mauritius, the Mauritius Institute of Education, MauritiusCollege of the Air, Mauritius Examination Syndicate and Mahatma Gandhi Institute are the brain centers of our island. The staff and the students of such institution can set up projects that will develop the formation of a green society. This will trigger the Carbon Control Challenge to make our environment a safe place.

It is noticeable that there are many cars that are utilized by the staff so as to travel to and from work. Most of these cars run on fuel, which produce hydrocarbon and other gases including carbon dioxide. In case owners of such cars switch to the utilization of gas and bio-fuel, the reduction, the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be a starting point. The light and the lighting system can be changed to the utilization of low energy bulbs thereby reducing the amount of electricity. A further cut in the electricity consumption can be achieved by switching off all stand-by electrical equipments during idle time, for example, photocopiers, computer screens, and printers. Further reduction in the consumption of electricity can be achieved by wearing approximate clothing and thereby switching off the air conditioner equipment once the cooling temperature has been attained. Proper insulation of the rooms will prevent the cool air from escaping from the rooms.

In case we can inculcate these habits in the first instance then we would have laid the foundation of green society. Other habits that will prevent the release of large quantities of carbon dioxide can be promoted. It has been often quoted that when actions are initiated within the Réduit and Moka campuses, then the multiplying effect is experienced throughout the island. Some suggestion to reduce carbon dioxide emission ‘is a low carbon dependent citizen rather than a high carbon dependent citizen’. Use a bicycle or simply walk whenever you have to reach a very short distance. You can avoid using your car at least once a week. Can you share your travel with others? Can you setup a green travel club? In case the weather is mild, then open yourwindows and let fresh air circulate within your house and office. Turn off theair conditioner and cooler. Grow palms and other seedlings. Use energy efficient light bulbs and lighting devices. Reduce your heater by at least 3 degrees during the winter months. Increase the thermostat by 5 degrees once you have cooled your room.

Insulate your room properly in order to avoid any loss of energy. Use solar powered lights in your garden and driveway. Design your house and office in order to allow the maximum light. Switch off any electrical appliances and equipment which otherwise are left on stand-by-mode. Switch off photocopiers, printers, and computers when not in use. Organize your printing and photocopying jobs at a particular time. Send emails through networks rather than paper memos. As for your regular food, consume more fresh food rather than processed and frozen foods. Use water efficiently and repair leakage. Tell your friends and family to join in the commitment to save the environment.

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