Some Facts about our Organic Nature Bag

 Some facts about our organic Nature Bag :

  • The Nature Bag is made almost entirely of a wild growing Jungle Vine.  There is no agriculture involved--no cultivation, no planting, no fertilizer, no pesticides, no irrigation, only human energy is used in harvesting!

  • The vine grows naturally and prolifically all over Northern Laos, as it has for thousands of years.  It is related to the Kudzu vine that has become a pest in the southeastern U.S.

  • Some bags might also contain organic cotton, grown by the Khmu bag makers. 

  • The partnership between the Khmu and the Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project is inherently "fair trade."  The Khmu make the bags in their homes, which sometimes are in isolated villages requiring as much as a 2 day hike up and down mountainsides to reach.  The Project has no direct role in the bag making.  We are unable to reach many of the Khmu villages. The Khmu look to the Project for design guidance (communicated by word of mouth)--things like colors, fabric density, dimensions--and attempt to produce bags that we will buy because we hope to be able to sell them.  We pay cash directly to the makers for their completed bags. 

  • The Khmu has profited greatly from our Project.  Much more money has gone into the Project and been paid to the Khmu than has been realized by the Project in revenue.

  • Most of the staff and non-Khmu participants in the project are volunteers, although some receive minimal compensation.  Neither the Founder/Managing Director of the Project, Bounsou Keoamphone or the primary financial sponsor and organizer, have received any salary or other types of compensation, and there has been very little reimbursement of any expenses to us from the Project.

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