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PARSA was founded in Kabul in 1996 and registered as a 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States. During the Taliban regime grassroots support allowed PARSA to operate secret schools and economic programs for women, and to sustain PARSA programs under very difficult circumstances. In post-war Afghanistan year 2009, this foundational grassroots support has allowed PARSA to be highly creative in program development, and to take the lead in the NGO community advocating at different levels in the Afghan government to initiate change in social protection programs that serve the disabled, women “head of households” and orphans. PARSA has three groundbreaking programs in close partnership with three government agencies. With the Afghan Red Crescent Society, PARSA is rehabilitating and modernizing the “maristoons” or “places to find help”-a cultural tradition of social protection for disabled, widows and orphans. With the Ministry of Social Affairs, PARSA is working to initiate change in the orphanage system so that the most vulnerable children in Afghanistan can have decent care in the post conflict country. With the Ministry of Education and Kabul University, PARSA is developing a highly effective program “Psychosocial Training for Teachers”. 
PARSA’s commitment is to support Afghan professionals and leaders to develop programs relevant to Afghan society. We have an integrated program approach and we work with other agencies and government organizations while we deliver our programs to leverage our work, transfer our expertise to other agencies and to contribute to the development of good organizational systems and policy. PARSA’s work in the Chagcharran orphanage was featured in the documentary “Generation Islam” with Christiane Amanpour in the spring of ’09. 

PARSA also has 16 years of experience producing economic and educational programs for women in Afghanistan, and our current program series “An Afghan Women’s Garden” that combines business training and mentoring women as they start their businesses provides immediate support for impoverished families. 

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