July Nature Bag Newletter

July 2011 Newsletter

Why Nature Bags are the Greenest Around...

Last month's Nature Bag newsletter article "Here's More Bad News About 'Going Green' With Polypropylene" drew some discussion on Ethical Community website. Participating in the discussion prompted Volunteer Bill to write a general analysis of our project's carbon footprint. Among the points in the analysis was “No fossil fuel is used until our project transports the finished bags from the acquisition centers to our global headquarters in Luang Prabang.”

In upcoming newsletters we will present other facts supporting our belief that Nature Bag’s carbon footprint is close to zero, perhaps even negative!

To read the full discussion on Ethical Community click here.

Our newsletter feature Nature Bag Maker of the Month will return in August

Introducing one of Nature Bag's Youngest Volunteers: Tamon


Tamon and her parents focus on design, quality control, purchasing and getting newly created bags to our global headquarters in Luang Prabang, a day’s journey by bus or car from the village where she and her parents live.

60% off Pahk Nature Bags

Although most Nature Bag users will rarely, if ever, need to replace their bags because of wear, offering 
new bags to our existing customers at steep discounts has proved very popular. As a result, we are now offering these special prices for as long as we can afford to do so on our Facebook Fanpage:

U.S. & Canadian shipping is included in the prices offered!

Nature Bags Well Received at Last Month's LA Zoo Beastly Ball!


Above, generous supporters of the Los Angeles (California USA) Zoo using Nature Bags at the June 18, 2011, Beastly Ball. Close to 1,000 guests enjoyed an evening under the stars at the Zoo. The Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project provided 700 sustainable reusable bags at a price less than the cost for the 41st Annual event. The Khmu bag crafters received their regular prices for the bags.

Rock icon SLASH of Guns N' Roses, one of the world's finest guitarists, was honored as a staunch supporter of the Zoo and an advocate for zoos around the world. Actress Stefanie Powers presented the award to Slash. Iconic actress BETTY WHITE is chairperson of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. More than $1 million was raised! The Nature Bag Project’s contribution was about $11,500.

To Learn More About the Nature Bag/Poverty Reduction Project

Please visit our About Us page and don't forget to check out our New Collections page! 


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