Northern Laos and a Bike: A Wonderful Adventure through an Area Lost in Todays Modern World

If you're looking for prime biking territory, then look no further than Northern Laos. Why? You're looking at one of the least visited countries out there. The way of life has remained quite independent from the modernism that goes on in the world today. The laid back lifestyle regins supreme here! Secondly, the northern parts of the country features superb hills, mountains, forests, ethnic villages and is even less explored by visitors. Discover, experience and adventure; these are the themes of your biking trip in Northern Laos.

What a way to start. After your cultural endeavor in Luang Prabang, grab your bike and pedal your way to pure Laotian countryside. Cycle along mountain roads, alternating up steep climbs with breezy descents all the while soaking in the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Sure is prime biking territory, isn't it? Reach Oudoxmay and swell in the atmosphere that only the Nam Beng River can.

Your journey to Luang Nam Tha is a marvelous one. Enjoy the long, spectacular route along undulating ridge roads with great views and excellent downhills to enjoy. Spot a village here and there in the lush jungles and meet the friendly folk. Arrive at Muang Sing and rest those legs amidst ethnic villages and rice fields.

The winding road from Luang Nam Tha to Muang Sing provides parallel views of several rivers, serving as a unique but still striking background for your adventure. You'll also cross them at various points along the way. Other interesting sites you'll pass through include beautiful monsoon forests and hilltribe settlements such as the Akha, Hmong and Mien. This evening in Muang Sing, enjoy the tranquility and laidback pace of life that is common in these parts.

Awake early to visit Muang Sing's local market. Join the vendors, most of whom come from the ethnic minority villages in the area as they buy and sell fresh fruit, meats, and dry goods. There isn't a better way to experience the local lifestyle and ambiance than this. This should fuel the energy needed for your last leg of the trip to Xieng Kok, a small and simple town with wooden houses and bamboo shacks. On this peaceful stretch of road, the biggest hazards you are likely to see on the road are the cows and chickens who roam freely around the area!

You deserve a rest. And why not? You've just cycled about 250 kilometers around Northern Laos. A boat ride along the Mekong will surely ease those tiring muscles. Travel past the riverside villages and fisherman before reaching the border town of Huay Xai and the end of your journey through magnificent Northern Laos.

Laos and adventure. A truly winning combination. You'll truly experience and discover, as you wander untouched and unexplored lands, whilst pumping that adrenaline on your high octane venture.

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