Is your Cloth Bag REALLY Eco-friendly?

Be careful that your cloth bags actually are eco-friendly!

 Cotton bags (unless they are organic) can have a larger carbon footprint than "disposable" plastic because of the manufacturing & agriculture they require. Even hemp bags, because they are made from cultivated hemp & usually in factories, have significant carbon footprints. The Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project, sharing Earth's Greenest Bag globally, is truly eco-friendly because of its hand-harvested naturally-growing fiber, in-home crafting, long life cycle & minimal weight allowing delivery anywhere with almost no consumption of fossil-sourced energy. It's socially sustainable, too, being a tool for thousands of years for the ancient culture that makes it today to provide income without wasteful commuting & allowing traditional child nurturing.


Vivian Ramirez


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