What is the Nature Bag Khmu/Poverty Reduction Project?


We are a group working to share Earth's Greenest Bag with the global Eco-conscious community.  Our focus is linking the ancient Khmu culture, which crafts the bag, to the modern world.  Our objectives include reducing poverty in Northern Laos, preserving an ancient home-based craft through social enterprise and marketing/distributing a superior versatile carrying device that is as useful today as it was 5,000 years ago.

Our bag is earth's greenest because it's homemade using naturally growing fiber, is durable for a long life cycle, is lightweight so that only minuscule amounts of fossil fuels are used in shipping it worldwide, cleans the air by removing carbon and adding oxygen as its fiber grows and enriches the soil it is buried in while it biodegrades (if it ever becomes unusable as a bag).

The JungleVine™ cord used requires no agriculture (hence no fertilizer, chemicals, cultivation or irrigation),  is hand gathered near the villages that make the bag and, being homemade, requires no time- and energy-consuming commuting.  The small amount of energy used in the homes of the crafters comes entirely from water and sun, thus is totally renewable. 

There is no fossil fuel used until the bags are transported from the villages to our distribution center in the spiritual UNESCO world heritage tourism attraction of Luang Prabang, Laos, on motorbikes or public buses.  Thereafter we strive to reduce non-human energy consumption, and nearly all of the energy we use is renewable, coming from the sun and water in Laos and from the wind and water for our Iowa USA warehouse.  Our shipping containers weigh virtually nothing, are reusable or recyclable and are themselves from recycled sources when such sourcing provides the greenest alternative.

Our carbon footprint is negligible if not negative.

Our processes and systems are inherently Fair Trade because the Nature Bag Crafters determine the prices they receive for their work.

The Nature Bag is made in a variety of traditional and world styles.  The newest, crafted using thicker more snag resistant JungleVine™ cord, carries the name Jungle Bag® which is protected worldwide as our intellectual property.

Details about us are presented on www.NatureBag.ORG where there also are several videos portraying what we do and providing insight about the enduring and ancient Khmu culture.

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