Just Use Soap & Water....

 We’ve Made Some Changes in Our Recommendations for Cleaning Earth’s Greenest Bag


The most significant update on cleaning your reusable tote is that we have removed the recommendation that it be dry-cleaned.  Although professional dry cleaning will restore your eco-friendly tote to its new condition, the use of petroleum-based cleaning chemicals is not as earth-friendly as soap and water.  What our changed wording means is that it is up to you whether to take your green tote to the cleaners or to wash it at home.

We also have changed our wording about the use of bleach because we’ve looked into the matter more thoroughly.  Testing has shown that JungleVine™ fabric can lose some of its strength if you soak your natural bag in undiluted bleach for extended periods of time. 

More usefully stated, normal use of bleach consistent with the instructions of the bleach manufacturer will not harm your elastic reusable bag.  Kindly note that we are not recommending you add bleach to the wash water.  That’s not because harm will result; it’s because it is not clear that doing so will improve results.

Other small changes in wording involve water and dryer temperatures when using laundry machines.  We no longer believe that heat increases shrinkage.  However, there are two reasons NOT to use hot water or high dryer heat:  1) The increased energy consumption; 2) It is not clear that your cleaning results will be improved.

Vivian H Ramirez

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