Nature Bags are Great Coin Carriers!


Nature Bags are Great Coin Carriers!

Nature Bag users frequently come up with ingenious ways to use our bags that never occurred to us.  Recently we told you how a woman from the USA found her bag to be the best swim bag she’d ever used. Now we have heard from a property manager who has dozens of coin-operated washing/drying machines to empty in many different buildings each month.  She reports that one of her Nature Bags has provided a brilliant solution. 

Not only is the bag up to the task of carrying many pounds of quarters, but it’s also easy to sling over the shoulder while going from one location to another and then taking the collection to the bank.  Other coin bags require carrying by hand (which the Nature Bag also can do by wrapping the straps around the hand and wrist), but no other have straps for slinging on the shoulder. 

Also the unique property of the Nature Bag that gently grasps cargo does a fine job of holding the coins inside without the need for hassling with a zipper, Velcro or other closing mechanism. 

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Vivian H Ramirez

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