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Let's go green! Green is a healthy color but some might just be taking this color and drive for granted. Let us indeed go green for we all know what is happening with our world today, let us help save it. As I've said, we have to begin taking care of our environment today to preserve it for the future generation. So where do we begin? Start in your own abode! Make it a point to exercise green apartment living/ How should you do it?

Let us go green apartment living by doing it ourselves. This may sound easy for people who enjoy plants and know how to toil, but difficult for people who don't know anything at all. This is as easy as it sounds. Have a pot, put that seed within it then you're on the go. But please don't stop there, it is really important to look after it as well. Love it and in return it will lead to good things back to you.

Recommend green by going local. Significant materials or foods or just anything at all that can be bought within the range of your area will certainly help a lot in circulating the money. You can buy from a carpenter or a farmer in your area and it will surely make use of your local resources to improve your community.

Recycling can be a style of going green. Recycling doesn't stop by just throwing the garbage out. Recycle or make a compost of the waste that are not of great use anymore and reuse things that are still reusable. This will definitely decrease your part in piling up the garbage in your community. It is much better to have less garbage because it helps our environment.

Planning helps you go green. Just a bit of changes in your shopping spree will contribute a lot to our environment. Bags that are used for shopping are significant and need be re used to reduce the pile. And if paper bags are not using post consumer materials then surely don't use them.

Second hands are not that bad! This says it all "One man's trash is another man's treasure." If it still can be used, then why not? This may still be valuable to another person.

Green apartment living can also be exercised in buying the correct light. Go green and save big on energy bills. Numerous options can be decided upon choosing the proper light, just make sure that you select that has it all. Light bulbs for example may come in cheap or costly items. You can save 75% of energy with light bulbs that are a bit costly. Plus it lasts longer than inexpensive bulbs do.


Vivian H Ramirez

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