Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags; Our Earth Will Suffer....

 Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags; Our Earth Will Suffer....





The small Pacific Ocean U.S. state of Hawaii has effectively made the distribution of reusable plastic bags illegal. 

Desperate for a solution to the plastic litter that is polluting its vast beaches and coastline, all 3 major regional governments there now have laws banning the use of plastic disposables, although attempts to pass similar legislation at the state level failed.

Proponents of prohibition hope that millions of plastic bags will be kept from the state.  However, as we have pointed out, this kind of law is certain to bring results that are opposite of what is intended.  Most shoppers will choose the cheapest legal reusable bags to replace plastic. 

It will be tragic when the millions of “disposable” plastic bags damaging pristine natural areas are replaced by reusable non-woven polypropylene fossil-fuel sucking, short-lived, Chinese-sweatshop- made bags that will take even longer to disappear, kill more sea life & increase harmful carbon in the air.

Vivian Ramirez
Editor & Volunteer

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