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Make This Holiday Special

When you select gifts for the holidays this year, how could you do better than Earth’s Greenest Bag? Is someone who uses a sports or swim bag on your gift list? Surprise them with the ultimate tote for either purpose: the stretchable Nature Bag. Perfect for a beach outing, it’s a home-crafted present that will be cherished by almost anybody – not only your eco-conscious friends. How about a fungus hunter who will be in the forests on the first perfect spring day gathering mushrooms? One of our less dense Pahk style bags is a perfect gift to carry the harvest while allowing the morel or other spores to return to the earth and generate more delicacies for the next...

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The Khmu People, Makers of the Nature Bag

The Khmu ethnic group inhabits large parts of Northern and central Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. In Laos, they represent the most important Môn-Khmer ethnic group. Their territory stretches from Phongsali to Pakxane in Bolikhamxay Province, but the Khmu are mostly found living in groups throughout the provinces of Luang Prabang, Oudomxay, northern Sayabury, southern Phongsali, eastern Luang Namtha, also in the center and west of Houaphan and Xieng Khouang and north of Vientiane. This ethnic minority is divided into many subgroups which are not easily identified ethnically, amongst them are the Môn-Khmer, Ou, Lu, Rok, Me, Keun, Kheng, Khouene, Khongsat. The Nguan and the Kha Bit who are closely related to the Khmu are attributed to the Lamet and the...

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