An Dai JungleVine® Tote Bag
An Dai JungleVine® Tote Bag

An Dai JungleVine® Tote Bag

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An Dai bags are a medley of all Nature Bag styles and ideal for adventurous souls. An Dai is Lao for “which one”. Occasionally, Khmu artisans create a bag so unique that it doesn’t fit in with any of our standard styles. We’ve gathered these funky, one-of-a-kind bags together and offer them at special pricing. Each bag features some unique color pattern. It may be a Sidh with different colors on top and bottom seams or a Noy whose strap does not match its stripes.

Each An Dai bag is a handmade work of art that reflects the Khmu artisan's spirit. Because these are a “grab bag” variety and you don’t know which one you’ll get, we’ve reduced them to grab bag prices. 

Minimum Bag Dimensions
Small               25 x 15 cm      (10" x 6") 
Medium           30 x 20 cm      (12" x 8")
Medium Deep  30 x 28 cm      (12" x 11")

Large                38 x 25 cm     (15" x 10")
Large Deep       38 x 33 cm     (15" x 13")
XLarge              43 x 28 cm     (17" x 11")
XL Deep            43 x 35 cm     (17" x 14")
Jumbo               48 x 30 cm     (19" x 12")
Jumbo Deep      48 x 30 cm     (19" x 14")

These bags are stretchy and super strong. Click here for more info the carrying capabilities of each size bag.