JungleVine® Beach Bags

Nature Bag™ - Earth's Greenest Bag™ Reusable Bags

The open design of our bags allows air to flow through to damp towels and swimwear. Durable JungleVine® fiber has been used for thousands of years to make fishing nets, it is as strong wet as it is dry. The stretchability of our eco-friendly bag means that there's room for anything you take to the beach.

JungleVine® grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. Khmu artisans in northern Laos gather JungleVine® from the forests around their villages, strip the pulp from the fibers within, and then spin the fiber by hand before creating bags. From vine to crafting, it takes about two weeks to design each piece. The bag is a traditional design that has been used and passed down among the Khmu for millennia. These beautiful, sustainable bags, Earth's Greenest™, are shared with the world by the JungleVine® Foundation.

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Lehm Vintage JungleVine® Bag at the pool