Green Homemade Reusable Tote Bag

Nature Bag™ - Earth's Greenest Bag™ Reusable Bags

Nature Bag™ - Earth's Greenest Bag™ Reusable Bags 

Every Nature Bag is green.  In fact, every tote we offer is Earth’s Greenest Bag™.  Made at home from a natural wild-growing fiber that thrives without agriculture.  No chemicals.  No irrigation.  No cultivation.  Harvested and processed by hand.  Only human energy is used in crafting.  It's vegan -- no animals required.  No fuel consumption.  If non-human energy is used in the homes of the crafters, it's electricity created by the sun or water.  Twenty percent of the miniscule energy used in our underground Iowa USA warehouse is from the wind.


This means we offer the ultimate green tote bag.  No need to organize content.  The earth-friendly tote arranges its own cargo.  Inside the car or in the closet the elastic Jungle Vine® holds its cargo inside and helps protect fragile items from damage.  Need a little more containment?  Knot the strap and tighten the naturally-closing opening.


On foot or a bike?  Easily handle 4 filled ecobags -- 2 around the neck and under the arm (one on each side); 1 over each shoulder.  You can add earth friendly bags 5 and 6 by carrying one in each hand.  Or try the Khmu method and add green bag 7:  the strap on the forehead with the reusable bag draping down the center of your back.  CAUTION:  Carrying too much by your forehead can cause neck injury.


Biodegradable.  Zero (or negative?) carbon footprint, because as its fiber grows,  carbon is captured from the atmosphere, stored,  and returned to the earth when you bury it (if you ever decide to not use your earth friendly tote any longer).  


Oxygen for us to breathe oozes into the air from Jungle Vine® while it grows.  Light-weight so that little energy is used for shipping or carrying.  The ultimate reusable tote. Strong and durable so that it rarely needs replacement.  Resistant to stains and odors so that its care consumes little water, and soap only if you want.  Dirt that gets into it easily shakes out in the wind.


Stretchable so that a small size goes a long way.  There's always room to put something else inside.  The limitation on cargo in our bigger bags is how much you can lift and carry.  Elastic, so that its strong natural Jungle Vine® cord gently grasps your cargo, holding it in place, minimizing pressure on nearby fragile items.

Nature Bag is an eco friendly tote that's also nice to people and animals.  Environmentally friendly for eco-conscious green-thinking earth-loving people around the world.  Its home-crafting enables Asia's poorest people to enhance an ancient lifestyle while maintaining  traditional village-centered care of children and social interaction with neighbors.  There's no commuting to work.  Daycare is at home.  Pre-school children learn from their parents.  An ancient craft is preserved.  


The mission of the Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project is fulfilled!



Nature Bag™ - Earth's Greenest Bag™ Reusable Bags