JungleVine® EcoFriendly Gym Bag

Let the air carry the odors away! The open design of JungleVine® bags disburses odors from sweaty workouts to keep them from building up in your gear. The earth friendly bag stretches to hold almost any sport accessory.

Working out on foot or a bike? The natural airflow helps you cool yourself by allowing perspiration to evaporate. There's lots less moisture buildup where the bag rests against the skin, minimizing wet spots on your clothing.

It's the ultimate gym bag.

JungleVine® fabric is strong and durable and resistant to stains and odors. It is stretchable so that a small size goes a long way. The limitation on cargo in our bigger bags is how much you want to carry. Elastic, so that its strong natural JungleVine® cord gently grasps your workout essentials, holding them in place, minimizing pressure on nearby fragile items.

Environmentally friendly for eco-conscious green-thinking earth-loving people around the world.