Strap Lengths

Our model Ana demonstrates the difference between a crossbody strap on the left and a shoulder strap on the right. Both of these bags are size medium. The crossbody strap is easily long enough to be worn across her body, while the shoulder strap is comfortable on her shoulder but generally not long enough for crossbody. 

Sokdi JungleVine® Purse with crossbody strap

Tote Bag Crossbody Strap Length Minimums
(Purse crossbody strap lengths may be longer; see individual purse pages.)
Mini / Small                  120 cm (47”)
Medium                        100 cm (39”)
Large / XL / Jumbo      92 cm (36")

The bag's size adds to the drop length, so suitable crossbody lengths vary based on the bag's size. For example, a 92-cm strap works well for crossbody on an Extra Large bag, but it is too short for crossbody on a Medium bag.

Short Straps
A note on Short Straps (not pictured):  All short strap bags, if worn on her shoulder, would hang higher than her elbow.