Lehm Vintage JungleVine® Bag
Lehm Vintage JungleVine® Bag
Lehm Vintage JungleVine® Bag

Lehm Vintage JungleVine® Bag

Regular price $54.99

Lehm is our American sponsor's favorite bag. Narrow black bands circle the cargo compartment. (In rare bags, the bands are dark brown.) The bands can be in groupings of two to five and an can appear at several places. Seams and tassels can contain thick bright cotton thread and strips of cotton fabric. Occasionally some bright cotton thread wraps the opening. Straps can be either JungleVine® or cotton.

The overall appearance is handsome and refined, with a masculine touch. Carrying a bigger-sized Lehm style bag around in a modern Asian city is guaranteed to bring lots of looks and frequent compliments from both genders. Among Lehm's fans are Sikh tailors in Bangkok and college students in Sinapore. The fashion world might not be ready for a man carrying a bag when wearing a tuxedo, but when it is, it will be the Lehm style.

Minimum Bag Dimensions (un-stretched)

XLarge      $54.99     17" x 11"   (43 x 28 cm)
Jumbo      $64.99      21" x 12"   (53 x 30 cm)

- Color and size availability is based on current inventory.
Shipping (up to 5 bags) is just $5 in the United States and $10 to any other destination in the world.

These bags are stretchy and super strong. Click here for more info the carrying capabilities of each size bag.

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