Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bag, small size
Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bag is perfect for your cell mobile phone
Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bag, mini size

Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bag

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Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bags -- named with the Lao word for perfect -- are the perfect size for carrying a cell phone and a few necessities. Similar to Nature Bag Totes, they are open on top for quick access. If you'd like a similar small purse with a zipper closure, please check out Chao JungleVine® Crossbody Zipper Purse, or for a flap closure, please check out Sokdi JungleVine® Purse.

Straps on Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bags are very long at approximately 110 cm (3' 7") and may be suitable worn either crossbody or on your shoulder. All JungleVine® products are homemade in remote Khmu villages in Laos using handspun fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. They are the most eco-friendly and socially responsible bags you'll ever own. We offer free worldwide shipping on retail orders over $100, so you should consider getting a Pahk JungleVine® Tote Bag to match your Somboun Mini.

Somboun Mini JungleVine® Bag Minimum Dimensions

Mini     11 x 17 cm (4.25 x 6.5")
Small   15 x 17 cm (6 x 6.5")

No two Somboun purses are identical and each varies slightly.

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