Pahk Beach Bag
Pahk Beach Bag

Pahk Beach Bag

Regular price $14.99

The open design of our Pahk Beach Bag allows air to flow through to damp towels and swimwear. Durable JungleVine® fiber has been used for thousands of years to make fishing nets. It is as strong wet as it is dry. The stretchability of our eco-friendly bag means that there's room for anything you take to the beach.

Minimum Bag Dimensions (un-stretched)

Medium    $14.99     12" x 8"   (30 x 20 cm)
Large       $18.99     15" x 10"   (38 x 25 cm)
XLarge     $24.99     17" x 11"   (43 x 28 cm)

These bags are stretchy and super strong. Click here for more info the carrying capabilities of each size bag.