Eco-Friendly JungleVine® Washing Mitt for scrubbing and scouring

JungleVine® Washing Mitt

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The JungleVine® Washing Mitt, made of naturally anti-bacterial JungleVine® Fiber, is abrasive yet safe for scrubbing any of the stuck-on grunge you encounter. It will not scratch surfaces. One side is a fine weave and the other side is a coarser weave.

These mitts are great for removing soap scum and hard-water buildup in the bathroom. You'll want one for the kitchen, too, for scrubbing the sink, stove top, and oven.  Use one for scrubbing tile and hardwood floors.  They're also handy for washing dirty vehicles and gently buffing scuffs off of cars and boats. After use, rinse and allow to air dry.

Rough dimensions: 16 x 19 cm  (6 x 8”). Enjoy free worldwide shipping on retail orders over $100.

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