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If you’re looking for a wholesale distributor of chic eco-friendly tote bags, purses, and hats for your store, you’ve come to the right place.  Nature Bags made of JungleVine® Fiber are far more than fashionable -- they are sustainable, zero waste, organic, vegan, plastic-free, chemical-free, ethical, free trade, and socially responsible.  Every purchase makes a difference in the life of the artisan who created the piece.

Nature Bags are lightweight and compact, yet remarkably strong and durable.  Your customers can expect to get many, many years of use from these versatile bags.  And while they may initially be drawn to Nature Bag as a stylish sling bag, they’ll soon find it endlessly useful as a beach bag, market bag, produce bag, gym bag, pool bag, overnighter, book bag, messenger bag, carry-on bag, and weekender.

In addition to attractive zero-waste fashion accessories, we are wholesale distributors of an assortment of JungleVine® bath and body products.  We offer scrubbing and exfoliating products and plastic-free, chemical-free scouring products for kitchen and bath.

All JungleVine® Products are made using fiber from a fast-growing vine that grows without any agricultural inputs.  Khmu artisans in northern Laos harvest the vine, remove the bast fibers from within the stems, hand-spin the fiber, and then use it to make all kinds of carbon-neutral products.  Having used the vine fiber for thousands of years, the artisans work in harmony with the ecosystems around their villages and never over-harvest, so that the vine regrows rapidly.  It is a renewable resource with many useful applications.  JungleVine® Fiber is so good for the environment that it’s Better than Hemp™.

Nature Bag Wholesale Makes it Easy

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71% of our wholesale customers place a second order. Read their reviews.

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