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Fashionable and Eco-Friendly

Fall in love with Nature Bags. Shipping (up to 5 bags) is just $5 in the United States and $10 to any other destination in the world.

Support Our Mission

Nature Bags are shared with the world by the JungleVine® Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization whose multi-faceted mission is to reduce poverty in northern Laos, preserve an ancient craft, and help mitigate global warming by promoting JungleVine® natural fiber. Click here to donate to our mission.


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What is a JungleBag®?

It is a Nature Bag. Unique in style, structure and shape, JungleBags® are homemade in Laos from wild-growing JungleVine®. This design has been perfected by thousands of years of use on steep mountainsides by the Khmu tribe. The result is a sturdy versatile eco-friendly bag evolved from the survival necessity of safely carrying a day’s collection of essentials.

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Who Crafts Nature Bag?

Southeast Asia’s poorest create these environment-friendly tote bags by hand in remote jungle villages. Since 2006, volunteers have worked to bring the ancient Khmu craft to the world. The JungleVine® Foundation shares Earth’sGreenestBag™ to fight global warming, reduce poverty and preserve the ancient craft.

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Why Use Nature Bag?

Earth's Greenest Bag® is durable, beautiful, and minimalistic. The natural ability of JungleVine® fabric to stretch and secure its cargo makes this unique tote useful at home, at work, at school, and at play. Its amazing strength and beauty enrich today's fashionable, eco-conscious users and the ancient, enduring Khmu culture which crafts it while protecting everyone's environment.