Sokdi JungleVine® Purse
Sokdi JungleVine® Purse

Sokdi JungleVine® Purse

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The lovely Sokdi JungleVine® Purse will be the single most versatile purse you ever own. Natural JungleVine® fiber goes with everything and can be dressed up or down, making a sharp sustainable statement everywhere you go. Sokdi bags feature a flap and button closure.

All JungleVine® products are handmade by indigenous Khmu artisans in northern Laos, using handspun vegan JungleVine® fiber which grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals.

Minimum Bag Dimensions
Mini         14 x 18 cm      (5.5" x 7") 
Small       18 x 22 cm      (7" x 9")

Straps are approximately 120 cm (4'), long enough to be worn crossbody.

Like all of our homemade JungleVine® products, no two Sokdi purses are identical and each varies slightly.