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Read a first-hand account of U.S. President Obama's visit to Luang Prabang from a member of the JungleVine® Foundation team.

Additional news and photos of this historic visit are available here.


Fashionable and Earth Friendly

If you love nature, you will fall in love with Nature Bags. Buy our bags and we will ship to any destination in the world for just $10 shipping (for up to 5 bags).

Our bags include:

  • Pahk's rich earth tones of organic JungleVine® fabric are natural and uncolored.

  • Sidh has colored seams, tassels, and narrow highlight bands on the straps.

  • Noy features bands of color in addition to the highlight colors in the seams, tassels and straps.

  • Vinh features vivid solid-color bands in red, rose, orange, or gold bordered by black.

  • Beng features multicolored stripes between black or dark blue bands.

  • Lehm is a vintage style featuring dark bands.

Donate to our mission

Would you consider donating to our mission to help the people of Laos? If so, click here to learn more.


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What is a JungleBag®?

It is a Nature Bag. Unique in style, structure and shape, JungleBags® are homemade in Laos from wild-growing JungleVine®. This design has been perfected by thousands of years of use on steep mountainsides by the Khmu tribe. The result is a sturdy versatile eco-friendly bag evolved from the survival necessity of safely carrying a day’s collection of essentials.

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Who Crafts Nature Bag?

Southeast Asia’s poorest create these environment-friendly tote bags by hand in remote jungle villages. Since 2006, volunteers have worked to bring the ancient Khmu craft to the world. The JungleVine® Foundation shares Earth’sGreenestBag™ to fight global warming, reduce poverty and preserve the ancient craft.

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Why Use Nature Bag?

Earth's Greenest Bag® is durable, beautiful, and minimalistic. The natural ability of JungleVine® fabric to stretch and secure its cargo makes this unique tote useful at home, at work, at school, and at play. Its amazing strength and beauty enrich today's fashionable, eco-conscious users and the ancient, enduring Khmu culture which crafts it while protecting everyone's environment.