Hak JungleVine® Tote Bag
Hak JungleVine® Tote Bag
Hak JungleVine® Tote Bag

Hak JungleVine® Tote Bag

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Hak is our newest style; a solid color JungleVine® bag. This look is SHARP. It is a breathtakingly beautiful environmentally-friendly stretchable tote. We've named Hak after the Lao word for love.

Hak Soa are a mix of dark shades. Due to variation in the vines, time of year the vines are harvested, and dye processes, Hak Soa bags range from very dark blue-black to shades of gray, to coppery brown in color. Soa includes some bags that are mottled, striped, and two-toned. Hak Soa are stunningly beautiful bags.

Minimum Bag Dimensions
Mini               20 x 14 cm      (8" x 5"
Small           25 x 15 cm      (10" x 6")
Small Deep   25 x 24 cm      (10" x 9")
Medium         30 x 20 cm      (12" x 8")
M Deep         30 x 28 cm      (12" x 11")
Large           38 x 25 cm     (15" x 10")
XLarge         43 x 28 cm     (17" x 11")

Crossbody Strap Length Minimums
Mini/Small          100 cm   (39")
Medium/Large      92 cm   (36")
XLarge/Jumbo     88 cm    (34.5") 

The bag's size adds to the drop length, so suitable crossbody lengths vary based on the bag's size. For example, an 88 cm strap works well for crossbody on an XL bag, but it is too short for crossbody on a M bag.

These bags are stretchy and super strong. Click here for more info the carrying capabilities of each size bag.