Mu'un JungleVine® Tote Bag
Mu'un Eco-Friendly JungleVine Tote Bag, medium-deep crossbody

Mu'un JungleVine® Tote Bag

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Named with the Laotian word for tomorrow, Mu'un JungleVine® Tote Bags are sleek and seamless -- a most contemporary design. Khmu artisans in remote villages in northern Laos hand-make each bag using fiber from a vine (Pueraria phaseoloides) that grows wild around their villages. The vine grows without any agricultural inputs, so the fiber itself is carbon negative. And because the artisans hand-spin the fiber and hand-make the bags in their homes, the bags never see the inside of a factory. The JungleVine Foundation, which promotes and sells the bags all over the world for the artisans, strives to be net zero and focuses on keeping the carbon footprint as tiny as possible throughout every step.

Mu'un JungleVine® Tote Bags are stylish, stretchy, and strong. They are so durable that you can expect to reuse a JungleVine® Bag for many, many years. They are perfect for a zero-waste lifestyle. Lightweight and foldable, take your bag everywhere you go and use it as a shopping bag, book bag, overnighter, messenger bag, or beach bag. You'll find endless uses for this bag. 

Mu'un JungleVine® Tote Bag Minimum Dimensions

Medium              30 x 20 cm (12" x 8")
Medium-Deep  30 x 28 cm (12" x 11")
Large                    35 x 25 cm (14" x 10")
Large-Deep        35 x 33 cm (14" x 13")
Extra Large                40 x 28 cm (16" x 11")
Jumbo                 45 x 30 cm (18" x 12")
*Inches are approximate.

Mu'un JungleVine® Tote Bag Crossbody Strap Length Minimums

Mini / Small                  120 cm (47”)
Medium                        100 cm (39”)
Large / XL / Jumbo      92 cm (36")

The bag's size adds to the drop length, so suitable crossbody lengths vary based on the bag's size. For example, an 88 cm strap works well for crossbody on an XL bag, but it is too short for crossbody on a M bag. See strap lengths illustrated.

These bags are stretchy and super strong. See carrying capacity illustrated.

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Good for the Artisans
Good for the Earth
Good for You

Your purchase directly benefits the Khmu artisans in remote Laotian villages who hand-craft JungleVine® products. They use fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. JungleVine® products are genuinely eco-friendly and 100% sustainable.

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